Heroes Con! And ALA!

Come see me in lovely Charlotte, NC this weekend! I will be in the Alley at table AA-532. I will have the lovely Library and Voice for sale, loads of original art from Voice, and whatever else I can cram into my car sideways.

AND my first-ever appearance on home turf: The American Library Association’s big annual shindig is in New Orleans! And they’ve got an Artist’s Alley for comics this time! So off I go. Come on out! June 24-27th.

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  1. Jack says:


    Finder brought me back into comics in 2002–after a decade of neglect I blame on supposed adulthood. After finishing the collected volumes, they were donated to my Ohio library’s feeble graphic novel section. It still gives me a glow to imagine local kids puzzling through your panels.

    Last year, nostalgia took over and I checked out one of the Finder books that had previously been mine. This led to me wanting to own the damn thing again. So, yeah, I’m now a proud owner of the Dark Horse doorstop–the perfect format for toning spindly arms while reading.

    I have two questions for you, O Great Creator:

    1. How much will be included in Library volume two?
    2. Is ‘Speed’ on your birth certificate?

    Merrily, Merrily, Merrily,

    Jack Walker

  2. Jack says:

    It seems my previous comment (and this one) has nothing to do with the area where I posted it. Sorry about that.

  3. Speed says:

    1: Library Volume Two will contain MYSTERY DATE, DREAM SEQUENCE, THE RESCUERS, and FIVE CRAZY WOMEN, plus color cover gallery and footnotes and all the usual hot sauce. It will be published this fall.

    2: Yes.

  4. Speed says:

    No big. I have no general forum, so it’s fine.

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