BOOK EXPO AMERICA shipping holiday!

Hi, everybody– BEA begins today in New York, and I’m not there. Got to stay home and draw.

So! Today, tomorrow, and Thursday, May 24-26th, there will be FREE SHIPPING on all orders (less than ten pounds), just as if you strolled up to me at a convention. Better, since, in most cases, you won’t have to pay for a hotel room to order from me. Enjoy ‘em!

And if you want ten pounds or more of my stock, drop me a line at lightspeedpress (at) gmail (dot) com!

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8 Responses

  1. Peter Tupper says:

    When I try to purchase “Dream Sequence”, your system tacks on another $20 for international shipping to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Please advise.

  2. Speed says:

    Whoops. Hang on.

  3. Speed says:

    Should be fixed now. Sorry!

  4. Peter Tupper says:

    Fixed. Thank you.

  5. Alexx Kay says:

    When i click on “Books”, I get a “server not found” error…

  6. Speed says:

    I don’t get it. People have been telling me this for a while, and I can’t figure out the problem. Server’s up, everything should be fine. Try this?

  7. Alexx Kay says:

    Both links are working for me now. I’m at home now, and was at work before. Will try to remember to investigate at work more tomorrow…

  8. Alexx Kay says:

    The Books link is still not connecting at work. Possibly that address ( isn’t as well propagated through DNS servers as the main site address? Just a guess, I don’t know much about internet tech…

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