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Notes for my amazing colorists, who will make this hot mess look lovely.  AND… this story is titled FINDER: THIRD WORLD, part 1, and will appear in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #1 in April. DARK HORSE PRESENTS, oh yes… loads of my favorite comics got their start in that anthology.

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  1. Bryan Headley says:

    Saw your interview about the Dark Horse/Finder series. In my mind, this is speculative literature. Where Science Fiction speculates on technological advancements, you toss in socialogical “what ifs.” To me, the technology slant is best stated with the “kudzu TVs”. People use them for lighting. :-)

  2. carol says:


  3. Hacksaw says:

    I saw the logo in the background, and decided it’d be an amusement to work it up in Adobe Illustrator. For your amusement, if any is to be had:

  4. reptangle says:

    I just saw the color version of this!
    Oh, it is SOOO funny!
    The color really adds to the craziness of the scene: the huge amount of blood , the grime on his pant leg like he’d been chewed on by a bear, his expression, and the pleasant “next?” just cracks me up!

  5. Speed says:

    Hey, Hacksaw! I definitely derived amusement! Looks cool.

  6. Speed says:

    Where did you see it, Rep?

    APRIL 20, holy holy holy. Spring is here!

  7. Javaman says:

    So, I wasn’t sure where to put this comment/question, so I’ll stick it here. Sorry.

    I’m a huge fan of Finder. At one point I had the whole series, but I gave away the first 3 a few years back as gifts, and I’m looking to pick them up again. Finder Library Vol. 1 seems like a perfect fit, but part of what I love about the trades are the extensive notes in the back, not to mention that the Sin-Eater Hardcover has a stand-alone which I’ve never read. Does the Library include the author’s notes and issue # 22? Does it include anything that might NOT be in the previous trades?

    Also, If I buy the individual trades from the Lightspeed Press store, Doesn’t that mean more cash for Speed than if I pick up the Library?

  8. Speed says:

    The Libraries will indeed have the notes in the back, and the stand-alone FIGHT SCENE is now officially part of SIN-EATER, so it’ll be in the Library as well. There isn’t anything of substance added to the Library, just a new cover. I love the big chunky books myself, means I don’t have to look under the couch for the next book in the series.

    As for who to buy from, you can look at it one of two ways: you can send me the order, supporting me specifically, or you can send Dark Horse the order, supporting my wonderful new publisher, which represents many people who are working very hard to promote me. No, I don’t get the entire cover price when you order from Dark Horse, but they undoubtedly ship more promptly and reliably than I do. Quite often I have to choose between good customer service in the form of prompt shipping, and good customer service in the form of making the pretty drawings. Dark Horse has dedicated staff to do that.

    And you can always chase me down at conventions for signatures. I’ll have my appearances list up soon now!

  9. reptangle says:

    I don’t remember where I found it!
    I just tried searching for it again and couldn’t find it. Maybe on a comic blog somewhere? …argh, too many comic websites ….

  10. reptangle says:

    Hacksaw: the little figures should have crazy pigmentation and patterns on their faces… this IS Anvard, people aren’t classified by race, but by clan. Of course, that would mean a lot more little figures in a row…

  11. Owlmirror says:


    Color … !!

    I have found it:

    If “pulling drunks off other drunks” translates to “security”, I guess “mediating for hookers” might translate to “interpersonal counseling”, or something like that.

  12. Hacksaw says:

    @Speed: Thanks!

    @reptangle: :)

    The look I was going for a corporate bland. My goal was to come up with something that would make an already irritated Jaeger see it as one more little knife in the sequence of events that has him filling out forms here.

    Temp Agencies and Employment bureaus always seem to have this amazingly blandness, due to the fact that their “product” is a connection, not some interesting physical object, or special service. Their iconography is general abstract, or features people.

    I like this one because of the uniformity of the figures. You just know that Jaeger’s on edge in the place like this, even if he’s here under good circumstances.

    Anyway, I’m glad people find it fun, and I’m glad to get to read such good stuff that inspires me to add my wee bit.

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