In Which I Throw Everyone A Bone

Though you may of course have crackers if you’d rather. Anyway, here, O Best Beloved, is the first of the mostly-daily art blog. Since it will be some time before I can go back to posting new pages of TORCH, I thought I’d start posting bits and bobs of all the work I’m doing that takes me away from it.

BOOO, uploader that makes image little tiny. This is the wraparound cover for the first big FINDER LIBRARY, due out next Spring, which will contain SIN-EATER 1 and 2, KING OF THE CATS, and TALISMAN.

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  1. SpotWel says:

    I for one could go for a new type of cheese-flavored cracker… with bacon

  2. Drooling Fan Girl says:

    oooh so pretty. it would make an awesome poster i think

  3. Ben S. says:

    Oh, cool! What size are you making it? I found the hard bound Finder Sineater to be a bit too small to really enjoy.

  4. Oneiros says:

    Neat concept. Smoke that does not obscure, but rather clarify and bring out the true nature.

  5. zan says:

    I added a little plug-in so that you can click on the images to zoom them without having to navigate away from the page. And if there are multiple images in a post, you’ll be able to view them all in a slideshow.

  6. gothic avenger says:

    yes, very pretty cover to tease us with — is there a release date yet? it has been too long since you had a new book I could hold in my hands

  7. Audrey says:


    Long-time fan, first-time commenter…

    Just to let you know, I have loved your story (and Jaeger, oh my goodness, Jaeger) for a long time now. I brought all my TPBs with me when I came to France for school because I couldn’t bear to be without them. I got my French friends to read them now, too! To the extent that they read English, in any case. Also. I was wondering, have you ever thought of having your books translated? I ask because I am currently in a literary translation master’s program, and I KNOW that the French comic-reading crowd would truly adore your books. I would be so incredibly interested in translating this work of yours, simply because of all the problems it poses; puns, references, lyrics, areas of scrambled words, different styles of speech, names, even!
    Of course, if you’ve already received offers of translation and turned them down (I wouldn’t be surprised!) I completely understand.

    Anyhow, I hope you’re doing well,


  8. proffy says:

    we need another bone now. this one’s all chewed up.

  9. Moonsrain says:

    This. Is. Just. Typical!
    I find a really, really (really really really) good webcomic, get to the end, realize there have been no updates in months and I have no idea when there might be more, and then I find out I didn’t start at the begining!
    I’m going to go pester my librarians to buy Sin Eater now.
    Excellent work, I love it!

  10. Speed says:

    Oh, I know, I know, poor patient people– two more miserable days will see VOICE finished and off by rocket stork. I’ll post something as soon as I can get my eye to stop twitching.

  11. Speed says:

    March for the Library, February (cringe!) for VOICE.

  12. Liza says:

    Don’t stress, my dear. I love reading your work, but not at the cost of your health, so please don’t drive yourself insane over it, OK?

  13. proffy says:

    *om nom nom*

  14. Jonathan says:

    What will be the size of the library books? While I liked the look of the combined Sin-Eater book you put out a couple of years ago, I treasure my original GNs because of the page size.

  15. Hugh Ziegler says:

    Got me the Finder Library this weekend (Go Speed! Go Speed!).

    ^For the record the book is 6″ by 9″ – but sweet crikey! – this wee beastie is a frickin’ brick and 1/2. You could dent the Anvard Dome…

    Nice work by Dark Horse with the cover. The color “smoke” gives a rather unique contrasting texture to the overall blue/gray gloss.

    Also nice work with the actual reproduction of the artwork. Worth all the bones and chew toys.

    Bonus stuff: Fight Scene, color gallery of the issues covers and collections and the B&W portraits of Marcie from Talisman.

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