Two Conventions

I’m doing exactly two cons this year.

Baltimore Comic-Con
and SPX. I’m in the program for Baltimore, but I may have missed it for SPX. I will be sharing a table with the lovely and talented Dylan Meconis.

I will have several color pieces for sale! BAD HOUSES arrives in November, so I may hang onto its color cover until next year’s con season, but I drew a full-color cartoon for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, a FINDER cover for DARK HORSE PRESENTS, and a buncha color MY LITTLE PONY designs, because MLP. I should also have some color trials for a fantasy series called ONEIRADORA.

I will also have story pages from the next FINDER book, 3RD WORLD, and from THE SLEEP OF REASON (a horror anthology), and from certain other projects that will remain nameless for the time being.

I will post images of some of these delights on my tumblr.

I hope to see you at these conventions, I have a lot of News!

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Fancy Hardcover TALISMANs

Tada! Click on the store link, and you can order the excellent Dark Horse gift editions of TALISMAN from me. There’s the regular hardcover with its groovy glory-days graphic style, and there’s the signed-and-numbered version that replicates Marcie’s lost book in detail. They’re both so good-looking I had to look twice to make sure they were the same book I published way back in the day, they do have all the notes and extras, and they’re big! For those who want a really good look at my obsessive crosshatching.

I will sign them if they’re not signed already, I will personalize them, I will add little sketches to the regular editions and handmade color bookplates to the special editions. I will also do the “As if Jaeger wrapped this up to drag halfway across the world in a half-shredded saddlebag” giftwrap. Just drop me a line when you order.

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Julinda Morrow 15 Questions

Sequential Highway. Wow, what a pretty gallery she assembled at the bottom!

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Hooded Utilitarian Review

Noah Berlatsky reviews SIN-EATER.

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GO HOME PADDY is quite good

Irish in America. If the art bothers you, it’s supposed to. Keep reading, it’s very good.

The Q & A is quite good, too.

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Thanks, Tim!

And thank you, Avram!

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L. A. Times Book Prize Nomination

Fifth category down is Graphic Novels.

Amazing… amazing competition, too, so we’ll see what happens in April, no?

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I would have titled this post ‘panning,’ as in ‘for gold,’ but since ‘panning’ also means ‘to review unfavorably’ I thought I wouldn’t. Because these are good, for various reasons. They all went places I didn’t expect, and yet didn’t lose the thread of the story, and that isn’t easy to do.

Mad, mad thing; beautifully watercolored, and right up the alley of any FINDER fan: Story Of The Door part one: TOILET GENIE

Both art and story start out looking like one thing, and rapidly evolve into several other things. And! And! It has a) an ending and b) a GOOD ending.
The Locked Maze

I look forward to seeing how this one draws to a close; right now it feels like it will be a long book, to give weight to its concept. Really long books sometimes get unbalanced. Nonetheless, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Namesake

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REVIEWS: Boy Howdy

It has often been pointed out to me that I have all the zeal for self-promotion of a lungfish peacefully buried under the cracked surface of a droughty pond. I hear that someone’s written something nice about my work, and instead of whirling into a well-oiled mechanical dervish of reposting, tweeting, fbooking, tumbling, googleplexing, and God only knows what else you damned hyperevolved internet big brains do, I sink back down into my mudhole and placidly wait for the monsoon.

I have a nasty headache and can’t see out of one eye, so I’m Googling myself. On blackout day. Because I can’t read anyway. Or draw. So here’s what cleverer people have to say:



Fiction State Of Mind


Good Reads (I never get comments. THIS HAS COMMENTS, good lawdycrosis)

Fantastic Fangirls

Comics Worth Reading

good words on Amazon

Bleeding Cool, which is what it says on the tin

Top Ten list #1

Publisher’s Weekly

Comics Alliance


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There Is Nobody Like Elisabeth Daynes

She does reconstructions.

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